Special Needs Access

The Special Needs Office provides services for individuals with major life disabilities, such as physical disabilities, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, visual impairments, hearing impairments, short-term disabilities and/or medical disabilities. In order to receive services, you must self-identify your disability to our office.

How do I get Accommodations?

Students must…

  • Provide current (within the last five years) medical and/or educational information and a diagnostic summary.
  • Register with our office and sign release forms for your medical and/or educational information and for permission for our office to discuss your needs and accommodations with your professors.

If you do not wish to seek classroom accommodations but have physical disabilities that may limit your mobility around campus, it is important that you contact the Special Needs Access Office to discuss your needs prior to your arrival on campus. We want to be proactive and address any accessibility concerns so that your collegiate experience is a positive one.

When do I need to contact the Special Needs Access Office?

As soon as you enroll, please contact the Special Needs Access Office for an appointment so that we can update your files, sign all the necessary paperwork, and work out the necessary accommodations you might need to have a successful year at Missouri Baptist University. The Special Needs Access Office is housed in the Academic Success Center, Room 117 in the Field Academic Hall (Main Campus). The Special Needs Access Coordinator, Jennifer Davis, can be reached via phone at (314) 485-8473 or email at

It is important that you meet with the Special Needs Access Coordinator at the beginning of each semester so that all information is current.

What are the different kinds of accommodations provided by the Special Needs Access Office?

There are classroom accommodations provided to students who provide the necessary documentation of a disability. The accommodations provided depend on the specific documentation of needs, but may include the following:

  • Note takers
  • Special seating
  • Readers and scribes for tests
  • Alternative textbook options
  • Extended time for tests
  • Taking Exams in the Academic Success Center

Other accommodations that may be necessary can be provided based on the documentation of disability.

Special Needs Access Contact Information:

Jennifer Davis
(314) 485-8473
Academic Success Center, Room 117, Field Academic Hall