Human Services

Do you like to help people make changes in their lives? Are you passionate about helping children, youth and families in need? If so, then a career in the challenging and rewarding field of Human Services might be perfect for you. Human Services workers help people of all ages and varying social and economic backgrounds in many settings including faith-based organizations, child and family agencies, programs for the developmentally and physically disabled, community centers, day care centers, hospitals, substance abuse treatment programs, the child welfare system and schools. As a human service worker, you can make a positive difference in your community and the lives of others.

Human Services at MBU:

Students will benefit from the unique mission of the Missouri Baptist University Human Services program and its dedicated Christian faculty as they help to prepare you for a future career in one of many possible areas of service.

The Human Services major at MBU prepares students for employment as generalists in the field of human services and for graduate school programs in social work or counseling. Students gain a broad understanding of theory and practice in the field, preparing them for entry-level positions. The integration of faith and learning is evident in Human Services courses, enlightening both mind and soul. The life of Jesus is a powerful role model for service to others and the academic discipline of human services not only leads to understanding the human condition, but also meeting the needs of people and “bearing one another’s burdens” (Gal. 6:2).

The Human Services faculty have expertise in a wide variety of service areas including Christian counseling, non-profit management, adoption, youth mentoring, services to the developmentally and physically disabled, community and volunteer relations, community-based treatment, mental health services to low-income individuals, youth and families, case management and program development. Planning on continuing your education beyond a bachelor’s degree? During their senior year, MBU undergraduate students have the opportunity to earn graduate-level credit for advanced standing toward a master’s degree in counseling or social work at no extra cost.

Possible Careers for Human Services Majors
Earning a degree in Human Services at Missouri Baptist University may serve as initial undergraduate preparation for a future career or advanced study in such fields as:

  • Adoption Counselor
  • Case Management
  • Child Care Worker
  • Church Social Services Agency Worker
  • Community Treatment
  • Developmental Rehabilitation Specialist
  • Employment Assistance Agency Counselor
  • Gerontology Aide
  • Group Therapist
  • Human Services Professor
  • Marriage and Family Counselor
  • Mental Health Aide
  • Non-Profit Management
  • Nursing Home Counselor
  • Professional Counselor
  • Psychotherapist
  • School Counselor
  • Social Worker
  • Substance Abuse Counselor
  • Veterans Assistance Counselor
  • Victims Advocate

MAJOR: 42 Hours

Required Human Services (HUSR, HUED, and PSHU) courses: 33 Hours
HUSR 213 Introduction to Human Services
HUSR 223 Human Services: Policy and Politics
HUSR 233 Human Services: Theories and Practice
HUSR 313 Assessment and Case Management
HUSR 343 Disabilities: Theory and Practice
PSHU 403 Chemical Dependency
HUED 403/5031 Theories and Techniques of Group Counseling
HUED 433/5331 Theories and Techniques of Counseling Students and Their Families
HUSR 443 Leadership in Facilitating Community Change
HUSR 473 Internship in Human Services
PSHU 483 Tests and Measurements

Required Psychology (PSYC) courses: 6 Hours
PSSC 303 Social Psychology
PSYC 323 Abnormal Psychology

Required Sociology (SOCO) course: 3 Hours
SOCO 323 Marriage and the Family

Recommended Human Services (HUED or HUSR) electives:
HUED 443/5431 Transition/Career Development and Vocational Education
HUSR 463 Community-Based Treatment

MINOR: 18 Hours

The student must complete 18 hours in Human Services (or Psychology and Sociology as required in the Human Services major), including the following courses or their equivalent:

Required Human Services (HUSR) courses:
HUSR 213 Introduction to Human Services
HUSR 223 Human Services: Policy and Politics
HUSR 233 Human Services: Theories and Practice

Electives: 9 hours upper division in Human Services (HUSR, HUED, or PSHU) Courses, including PSSC 303 and PSYC 323