Mathematics plays a key role in understanding the principles of our physical environment and is an important tool in successful utilization and conservation of human, physical and financial resources. The mission of the Mathematics department is to instill in its students an understanding of the mathematical concepts necessary to be productive members of society, and to provide the mathematics foundation necessary for graduate study in mathematics and careers in mathematics, education, business, finance, science, medicine and engineering. This mission follows from our Christian worldview that states, in part, that we are to live in harmony with the physical environment God has created for us and utilize its resources intelligently and conservatively.

  • Actuarial Mathematics
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Biomathematics
  • Biostatistics and Epidemiology
  • Computer Science
  • Quantitative Finance

Mathematics Major
The student must complete at least 30 hours in Mathematics (including 9 hours of upper division electives), 8 hours in physics, and 3 hours in computer science, including the following courses or their equivalent:

Required Mathematics (MATH) courses (21 hours):
MATH 164 Calculus I
MATH 254 Calculus II
MATH 264 Calculus III
MATH 353 Linear Algebra
MATH 363 Differential Equations
MATH 433 Mathematics Seminar

9 hours upper division Mathematics electives*
Required Physics (PHYS) courses (8 hours):
PHYS 213+211 General Physics I
PHYS 223+221 General Physics II

Required Computer Science (BCSC) Course (3 hours):
BCSC 253 C++ Programming for Science and Mathematics
*Students desiring certification to teach mathematics in
secondary schools in Missouri are required to take the following
courses as 6 of the 9 hours of upper division electives required
for the Mathematics major:

MATH 323 Foundations of Geometry
MATH 333 Algebraic Structures

Mathematics Minor
The student must complete at least 18 hours in Mathematics, including the following courses, or their equivalent, and 6 hours of upper division:

Required Mathematics (MATH) courses (12 hours):
MATH 164 Calculus I
MATH 254 Calculus II
MATH 264 Calculus III

Mathematics Electives: 6 hours upper division

Students interested in engineering should see the section on Dual-Degree Program(s) in Engineering.






Jerry Desse, Natural Sciences Division Chair

Natural Science Chair; Associate Professor of Physics and Mathematics
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David Collum, Assistant Professor of Natural Sciences

Assistant Professor of Natural Sciences; Data Analyst
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Alicia Pate, Assistant Professor of Biology

Assistant Professor of Biology and Biochemistry
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Mark Sherman, Associate Professor of Biology

Associate Professor of Biology and Biotechnology
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Shayani Pieris, Assistant Professor of Plant Sciences

Assistant Professor of Plant Sciences
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David Smith, Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
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Lydia Thebeau, Dean of Academic Advisement and Allied

Dean of Academic Advisement and Allied Health Initiatives, Professor of Biology
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Mary Vedamuthu, Associate Professor of Chemistry

Associate Professor of Chemistry
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Craig Walston, Adjunct Instructor of Natural Sciences

Instructor of Natural Sciences; Head Women’s Softball Coach
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